Rudolf Butz

Rudolf Butz is a painter who depicts his lifetime. An artist who puts complex thoughts about God and the world, about the environment and the homeland, about himself and his art, on canvas.

His paintings are to be strong, intense, and effective, only developing their full power and coming to life through the viewer. Rudolf Butz is a painter who reflects and makes current perceptions visible in his paintings. Not uncomfortably loud, but durably, with a lot of life experience and a sophisticated technique. Butz is a critic and an artist who has made a name for himself through continuity, substance, and professionalism. And that, successfully, for decades. He has lived and worked in Solothurn and Ticino for over 30 years.

A matter of opinion

Rudolf Butz wanted to prove that his paintings were also of commercial interest. He lived through a pioneering stage at the art academy in Düsseldorf with legendary professor Joseph Beuys.

But what Butz wanted to learn at that time, namely, to paint pictures, was not Beuys’ focus. “Joseph Beuys was a guru who gathered his students around him and gave sociological lectures. I changed faculty and found a professor under whose guidance I could work creatively with brush and paint,” Rudolf Butz recalls. But the painter took something else from Beuys: The revolutionary spirit and resistance. “An artist should be uncomfortable. However, he should not only provoke, but create works that move people.”

Joseph Beuys

«I was his student. He was a guru who gathered his students around him. Beuys overwhelmed me.

Transparency: Showing Depth

Paintings on transparent acrylic glass. With this I broke new ground.

The unique form of presentation is a concept which uses the fascination of transparency and demonstrates the changeability of artistic expression. The compositions are created on canvas, then reworked on the computer and finally applied to transparent acrylic glass sheets. To develop the technique myself, to bring it to perfection and then to let it work, that is my creative path and my creative power. Pictures that, depending on how the light falls, develop a life of their own and present themselves anew again and again. The transparency creates a depth and a virtual space that is filled with colors, shapes, and emotions.