Rudolf Butz gained national attention with his famous paintings on transparent acrylic glass. In this way, the painter broke new ground.

The unique form of presentation is a concept which uses the fascination of transparency and demonstrates the changeability of artistic expression. The compositions are created on canvas, then reworked on the computer and finally applied to transparent acrylic glass sheets. To develop the technique oneself, to bring it to perfection and then to let it work, that is the creative path and also the creative power of Rudolf Butz. One can hardly escape the works, the color intensity is strong and so is the effect. Pictures that, depending on how the light falls, develop a life of their own and present themselves anew again and again. The transparency creates a depth and a virtual space that is filled with color, shapes, and emotions. Water Garden, a glass art installation, stands in the offices of BDO AG in Solothurn. But lately, Butz has been painting on canvas again with “hand and brush”. “Because in the meantime several artists also paint on glass.”


In 2011, a Colortower was installed in the garden of Jörg Slaschek’s Attisholz gourmet restaurant, awarded 17 Gault Millau points.

BDO Solothurn

The sculpture Water Garden created in 2015 consists of nine glass stelae and was designed for BDO Solothurn.

Raiffeisen Langendorf

The Transparency project is located in the Raiffeisenbank Langendorf near Solothurn. The sculpture was installed in 2009.


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